Fuchsia camisole with Wisdom Ki symbol
Golden Energywear® camisole (fuchsia) with the wisdom qi-enhancing sigil, charged with active qi by our proprietary Light Resonator, causing an increasing flow of wisdom qi in whoever wears it

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The Energywear Story

The Energywear Buzz . .

"I love my Happiness t-shirt, it really made a difierence to my mood - and when I layered two t-shirts the effect was amazing! Whenever I'm having a down day I put it on and my mood soon lifts"
Thea W, London

"Oh wow, what a magical t-shirt. I wore my Success t-shirt for just half a day and then it dawned on me the next morning how much I'd gotten done the night before. Instead of slumping on the couch in front of the TV, I deep-cleaned the kitchen and still had energy to write a complex financial email I'd been putting off for weeks! Didn't think about it at the time! Subtle but powerful stuff this. I want to wear it all the time, so I'm going to buy four more!"

Penny F,  USA

"This Higher Awareness & Intent t-shirt is remarkable. I've been wearing it for four days now - it really should be washed, but I don't want to not wear it! Must get another one - and in that short time my meditation has become noticeably stronger, easier, more focussed and more productive. I'm also less distracted by the demands of my day and seem to be able to keep, or quickly come back to, a very calm centre and much more able to rise above things!  Thank you!"
Joyce G, UK


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Golden Energywear® clothes not only look good and make you feel good, they also do you good!

Charged with fortune qi by our specially developed Light Resonator, they charge your energy field with

the life-enhancing energies of success, inner strength, happiness, wisdom and higher awareness.

We are energy. Everything we can do, think or feel depends on the subtle energies coursing through us and around us. This is why we say, 'changing your energies changes your life.'

You can read more about Golden Energywear here:

Choosing and Using Your Energywear

To order our unique Golden Energywear
please call Carol on +44 207 193 7614
or email

If you can do a bio-energetic test - eg. dowsing or kinesiology - or if you have
direct energy awareness, you can let your energy guide you to the Energywear you need.

Just place your flat hand, palm up, with your thumb bent into your palm, edge against your belly button (fortune mudra1) and look at each symbol in turn while testing.

Any that give you a YES are the ones you currently most need!

Note: the actual
Golden Energywear® symbols are gold-foiled.
The garments' chi-generating properties are unaffected by washing, wear or damage to the symbol or fabric.

Energywear Power Symbols

This is a test for sources of qi that will cultivate your fortune path - the flow of energy extending forwards from your upper abdomen that includes your future fortunes and misfortunes - see Hidden Secrets of Real Health

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